Webelos Readyman

Check out our new offering: Band-Aid College! Webelos complete their Readyman award and Scouts complete their First Aid Merit Badge. Check the web schedule for current offerings. You will need to pre-register at: http://www.auroramedteam.ezregister.com. Please forward this link to your unit. There will also be CPR/AED certification classes for youth 12+ and adults.

Are you planning on teaching your own Readyman class?  AMT has prepared slides to help you.  You may use the summary slides shown below to prepare instructors, or, you may use the slides file to show slides during your class.

Another option is to send leaders to our public first aid classes so they are fully trained and confident to teach Readyman classes to their Webelos.

The annual Readyman Academy has been replaced by our new offerings, the Band-Aid Colleges.

All AMT presentations include the Revised CPR Standards
(Adobe: From PC choose View->Full Screen or Control-L to show slides)
Webelos Readyman Slides (PDF)
 Webelos Readyman Slides 6 per page summary (PDF)
Webelos Readyman Slides Instructor Guide (PDF)
What are the Readyman Requirements (Link to MeritBadge.org)?

Note:  Due to copyright limitations on some content we cannot provide PowerPoint files. Please contact us if you have changes or suggestions regarding the materials.

We also have a suggested group first aid kit for troops/packs/crews.

Do you want us to present Readyman at a large event? Do you have questions on comments about our Readyman program?

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